Liar's Dice: Roll

Play Liar's Dice Online: Dice & Game Play Overview.

Liar's Dice

The game Bunco is played over multiple rounds. The 1st player for the first round is determined by rolling two dice with the highest outcome.

To start each round, all players roll their dice simultaneously. Each player looks at their die after they roll, keeping them hidden from the other players.

The first player then states a bid consisting of a face ("One's", "Five's", etc.) and an amount. The amount represents the player's guess as to how many of each face has been rolled by every player at the table.

Each subsequent player can either then make a higher bid of the same face (e.g., "you rolled 2's six times"), or they can challenge the previous bid.

If the player challenges the previous bid, all players reveal their dice. If the bid is matched or exceeded, the bidder wins. Otherwise, the challenger wins. If the bidder loses, they remove one of their die from the game by placing it in front of their dice cup